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  • Latinx Service Coalition

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    Latinx Service Coalition

    I helped with set up and tear down, and during the event I sold tickets for the raffle we were doing. We took donations from the exec board and from others and used those to make baskets to raffle off to those who attended. The proceeds from the tickets I helped sell went to TECHO, a nonprofit organization based in Argentina. And, with all the music and festivities, I was able to have fun while I was contributing to the cause.

    Gave 5.00 hours on 03/31/2023 with Ohio University
    Latinx Service Coalition

    In our LSC meeting we decided who would put up fliers for the Salsa Caliente we were and where. This time slot is when I went and put up the fliers for the organization.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 03/28/2023 with Ohio University

    Gianni gave to OMSAR

    Talking with the families for incoming freshmen was a good experience, and answering questions on stage made me feel helpful to them.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 03/24/2023 with Ohio University
    Ohio University

    I gave Power Red at one of Ohio University's blood drives, and it was much more comfortable than it could have been. Everyone was very nice and they told me how much they appreciate people who are willing to donate, which I feel like makes giving blood less scary and makes me want to do it more in the future.

    Made an impact on 02/28/2023
    Latinx Service Coalition

    I helped run an Encanto movie night as an executive board member of LSC, along with setting up before and cleaning up after. This was an event to bring members of the Latinx community together and to act as an informational for the Pulsera Project we would later do. I had a lot of fun meeting new people and feeling like I could be useful to those around me.

    Gave 3.00 hours on 02/15/2023 with Ohio University
    Latinx Service Coalition

    I helped pass out fliers and raise money for the victims of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico. At the time, the citizens there were still suffering, with many living without power. Trying to alleviate that pain for others was rewarding, even if our contribution was not thousands of dollars.

    Gave 4.00 hours between 10/24/2022 and 10/26/2022 with Ohio University

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