Community Food Initiatives

Susie Huser
Sydney Spencer

I loved how this workshop made me reflect on how my consumption affects other people. I never thought about how so much waste impacts many different people from other regions of the world. It is insane to me how much waste we see just at this school, such as in the dining halls and how so much food gets tossed away. I also am learning how Botswana differs in their consumption than what is consumed in the West. For example, Botswanans tend to eat more salt, where Americans are very drawn to sugar. I loved how there was also discussion about eating healthier, more natural ingredients makes a positive impact too. I also found it very impactful how it was addressed that a lot of resources in schools don’t extend to all students, just those who have the privilege of affording them. I just found this experience very enlightening to see how consumption values differ depending on where you reside in the world.

Gave 1.25 hours on 03/21/2022 with Ohio University
Sam Crowl

Fabulous and fascinating conversation with Ravi, Dr. Lucky and Dr. Thom, I loved the focus on zero food waste and hearing about Botswana and Dr. Lucky's grandma.

Gave 1.25 hours on 03/21/2022 with Office of Sustainability
Ahmed Hamed Ahmed Mohamed Aly
RJ Franklin
Brooklynn Kramer