Housing & Residence Life


We develop inclusive communities where students engage, learn, and thrive. We make OHIO home.

Our Values

Learning: We value environments that support educational opportunities for academic, personal, and professional development.

Service: We value creating excellent experiences through the use of departmental resources, individualized guidance, innovative ideas, and purposeful engagement.

Wellbeing: We value environments and resources that contribute towards social, physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and intellectual development.

Community: We value fostering a sense of belonging to an environment that offers opportunities to share perspectives, acknowledges interdependence, and provides mutual support and understanding to all.

Integrity: We value individual and interpersonal conduct guided by honesty, consistency, transparency, and ethical principles.

Equity: We value environments that support access, challenge biases, cultivate empathy, and foster respect and fairness for all.

Sustainable Development Goals
53 People | 35 Impacts | 69 Hours

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