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The Athens County Independent is a publication of Southeast Ohio Independent News, a nonprofit regional news source. 

Our Mission

We empower residents to engage with their communities through accessible public service journalism.

Our Vision

We will be Athens County’s trusted, go-to news source, empowering all residents to drive change toward a more fair, connected and participatory community.

Our Values

  • Empowerment. Free, comprehensive local journalism supports a thriving democracy and community.
  • Respect. Our coverage is fair, inclusive, and respectful of all residents’ experiences — countering destructive narratives about Appalachia.
  • Accessibility. We present complex information in a way everyone can understand for free.
  • Accuracy. We recognize what we don’t know, and if we make a mistake, we’ll own it. Objectivity is a method for gathering and reporting the news. Where there’s bullshit, we’ll call bullshit.
  • Independence. Our reporting is independent from advertisers, funders, and authorities.
  • Fun. Because!
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