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The Athens County Independent is a publication of Southeast Ohio Independent News, a nonprofit regional news source. 

Our Mission

We equip Athens County residents to engage with their communities by monitoring power, giving voice to those marginalized from power, aggregating public information, and facilitating discussion and debate.

Our Vision

We will be Athens County’s trusted, go-to news source, empowering all residents to drive change toward a more fair, connected and participatory community.

Our Values

  • Empowerment. Free, comprehensive local journalism supports a thriving democracy and community.
  • Respect. Our coverage is fair, inclusive, and respectful of all residents’ experiences — countering destructive narratives about Appalachia.
  • Accessibility. We present complex information in a way everyone can understand for free.
  • Accuracy. We recognize what we don’t know, and if we make a mistake, we’ll own it. Objectivity is a method for gathering and reporting the news. Where there’s bullshit, we’ll call bullshit.
  • Independence. Our reporting is independent from advertisers, funders, and authorities.
  • Fun. Because!
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