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Ohio University Athletics is proud to participate in the Life Skills Program launched by the NCAA Foundation and Division I-A Athletic Director's Association in 1994. OHIO Athletics is committed to a program that develops the leadership potential of all student-athletes as they prepare for rewarding careers after athletics. The mission of the Life Skills Program at Ohio University is to promote leadership and to establish a commitment of service to others as a foundation for a balanced lifestyle.

Career Development
To influence the student-athlete to develop and pursue career life goals by:

  • Integrating the student-athlete into the career services programs offered by the Career and Leadership Development Center on campus.
  • Sharing internship and summer job opportunities in a student-athlete's chosen career field.
  • Assisting student-athletes in preparing for the job search and job interviews through various programs and workshops offered by SAAC.

Community Service
To encourage student-athletes to give service to others as a foundation for a rewarding lifestyle by:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive service program and encouraging all student-athletes to commit to service.
  • Service initiatives take place in the Athens and surrounding communities to serve several groups in Southeast Ohio.
  • Service projects are completed per team or by SAAC members and vary from year-to-year.

Personal Development
To foster the personal development of the student-athlete by:

  • Establishing an environment that promotes a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle through various workshops.
  • Providing leadership opportunities with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.
  • Encouraging self-exploration through on-campus resources.
Sustainable Development Goals
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