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Better Bobcat Stories Imagine you’re listening to two people talk about encountering a bear in the wild. The first person describes a news story they watched about how to get yourself safely away from a bear if you see one while hiking. The second person says, “That happened to me! I was hiking this summer and a bear jumped out of the brush on the trail ahead of us!” Which person do you most want to keep listening to? Whose story is most compelling? At Ohio University, we want you to directly experience what you’re learning so that you have better stories to tell—to future employers, to scholarship committees, to graduate schools, to family members who might wonder if a college education is worth its price tag.But don’t just tell better stories—our hope is that you’ll truly live better stories by reflecting on your experiences and thinking about how you can do better next time: better for you, better for your family, better for our local and global communities. 
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