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The Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (SOPEC) is a non-profit public service organization that purchases electricity in bulk for 14 communities (and counting!) in Appalachian Ohio. Through this process, known as community choice aggregation, SOPEC is able to act as a public broker to ensure that the communities it serves receive competitive rates for electric generation.

SOPEC is mission-driven to keep more dollars spent on electric services in local circulation. Without SOPEC, dollars spent on electric services would only export to retail electric service providers and/or the region's investor-owned electric distribution utility (AEP Ohio).

Using the SOPEC model, some of those dollars remain housed with a public agency that allows SOPEC to support local jobs, create special programs, and use dollars to attract state and federal funding sources to implement innovative, clean energy projects locally.  

Additionally, most SOPEC communities receive 100% certified renewable energy supply through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for all the electricity SOPEC customers use - supporting the development of renewable energy deployment across the country. In time, as SOPEC grows, RECs could be purchased locally and wholesale electricity could be purchased directly from multiple local sources from small producers to large utility-scale solar facilities. SOPEC's efforts are still young, starting in late 2014, but continue to provide value to its customers while supporting next-generation energy development.

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