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Kaleidoscope Institute (KI) supports general health and wellness by facilitating learning opportunities with experienced professionals and fellow sojourners in a natural, outdoors environment. 

Quarterly retreats are focused around 8 essential elements of wellness that are particularly useful for anyone working to embrace change and re-define their path forward with new perspective.  Participants are invited to take a Kaleidoscopic JourneyTM that leads toward a renewed sense of self.

We believe that the opportunity for emotional healing and balance appears when one deliberately tunes in to nature's rhythms and colors. And, when our mind, body, and spirit are in balance, life becomes not only manageable, but focused and beautiful. 

With current pandemic restrictions in place, on-site retreat attendance is limited. A platform for web-based learning and participation is available.

Ask about on-going volunteer opportunities available both remote and on-site.
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