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We are the Athens Lions Club - a community service organization founded in 1946 which serves our local community in Athens, Ohio.  As with other Lions Clubs, we promote good eye health, and offer support to the blind and visually impaired.

Our club's focus include support to the following initiatives aligned with Lions Club International (LCI):

  • Vision Health: Fund eye exams and prescription eye glasses for low income members of our community
  • Protecting Our Environment: Trash Pickup along State Highway 682 (Adopt a Highway)
  • Diabetes Awareness: help our community be more aware of diabetes
  • Relieving Hunger: Donate to the Athens Food Pantry and volunteer with the organization
  • Pediatric Cancer: Being an advocate for pediatric cancer research; participate in STEPS fundraisers to support research for finding cures to pediatric cancer

To learn more about the Athens Lions Club, see this brochure.

For more information, visit our website at:

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