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Welcome to GivePulse! GivePulse is a network of community organizations and volunteers, where nonprofits, community organizations, and campus groups can manage and coordinate events and service projects, and track engagement and outcomes.

At Ohio University, GivePulse helps us connect our students, staff, faculty and community members to meaningful opportunities to engage with each other and contribute to our region.

You can find more information about GivePulse, view tutorial videos, or schedule a meeting to learn more with the Center for Campus & Community Engagement here: www.ohio.edu/university-college/campus-community-engagement/givepulse

Before you engage, the Center for Campus & Community Engagement recommends this short online training designed for students, student organization leaders, as well as staff and faculty who are interested in in coordinating service-learning or volunteer projects, fundraisers, and other community-serving opportunities: Community Engagement & Social Justice at Ohio University

Sustainable Development Goals
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