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Every child needs a safe, loving home. But sometimes families have troubles so severe that their children must be temporarily removed to a foster home. Foster care provides children the safe haven they need to heal and grow. Bellefaire JCB is one of the nation's largest, longest-established child placement agencies. Their foster care specialists are degreed, licensed social workers and certified assessors. Each is committed to delivering individualized support and counsel to address the needs of children, teens, and foster families. Bellefaire JCB helps more than 21,700 youth and their families yearly achieve resiliency, dignity and self-sufficiency through its more than 25 programs that include: Outpatient Counseling School-based Counseling Prevention and Early Intervention (SAY - Social Advocates for Youth) Homeless and Missing Youth Program Domestic and International Adoption (Hague-accredited) Foster Care Residential Treatment
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