Serve Athens County with COMCorps

Thursday, August 11th, 2022 from 12:00am to Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 12:00am (ET)
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Serve in a region known for rich cultural history, active lifestyles, and a rural community feel with a vibrant food and arts scene of a college town. COMCorps is housed at Ohio University with the goal to increase the quality of life in Athens County through AmeriCorps members creating and supporting social and physical environments. COMCorps will partner with a multitude of impactful organizations which include schools, nonprofits, healthcare systems and county-level government agencies.

Through service, members and organizations will address social determinants of health with a trauma-informed approach directing members in creative, community-generated solutions to pressing local needs. COMCorps members will help facilitate a unified member experience being responsible for teaching nutrition and garden education curriculums in Athens County elementary schools.

Members will create and support social and physical environments by providing life-enhancing resources: healthy food supply, gardening, social connectivity, transportation, and knowledge of healthy habits. Members will promote a sense of community (social networks, social support, social participation, and/or community leadership) and increase access to programs that address poverty, childhood development, food insecurity, social exclusion, addiction, food, transportation, and health services.

COMCorps is where members turn passion into purpose. COMCorps strives for every member to have a transformative experience while serving. Anticipated member outcomes include a wider perspective on societal issues, an understanding of individuals who have had a life different than their own, a better understanding of self and unique skills brought to a variety of roles, greater confidence, an understanding of trauma-informed approaches to community care, and community collaboration. CONTACT US FOR AVAILABLE MEMBER POSITION DESCRIPTIONS - LONGE@OHIO.EDU

The Ohio University AmeriCorps program, COMCorps, will have 23 full-time AmeriCorps members who serve a 10.5 or 11.5 month term filled with life-changing experiences serving others. The mission of COMCorps is to increase access to nutrition education, healthy fresh food, healthy and accessible physical activity, and social connectivity. Members aim for a county where children are healthy as they age into adulthood, and a community that visualizes a healthy future. COMCorps members will help facilitate nutrition and garden education programs in local elementary schools. In addition, AmeriCorps members will leverage 500 volunteers who will be engaged in helping in classrooms, connecting to community members, assisting in gardens, distributing food, and overall supporting initiatives that enhance quality of life.
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